Clients company, individuals or art hobby lovers can rent the studio space along with the amenities and equipment (to be indicated) for their own production set-up and intended purpose.

Garage Studio offers 3 multi-purpose studios (Studio A, Studio B, Studio C) in addition to Product Photography, Macro Photography studios.

By visiting or renting a studio space, there will be access to the seating areas, makeup & changing room, editing studio with all high-end computers and gear, in addition to the access to the refreshment and coffee areas.

At Garage Studio we provide the high-end gear for photographers, videographers and digital artists. Products from brands like ProFoto, Hasselblad, Nikon, Manfrotto and many others are at your service to create the art you aim to.

Our photography artists, videography magicians, directors, storywriters and all the crew save no effort in framing your creative content in outstanding results with a unique touch.

Years of experiences from a team built of high brands ambassadors and highly educated artists, will convert your content into masterpieces of arts that will serve your businesses, brand identities and present you in a professional artistic image.

We provide our services under the roof of Garage Studio as well as on-site or events coverage locally, regionally and internationally. don’t hesitate to request a quotation and hire our team using the button below.

Creative events, shows, product announcement and many other events take place at Garage Studio, whether you are an individual or a company or representing a brand, you can book the venue to hold your event and our team will be more than happy to plan and setup a desired theme with creative effects and fit-out for a huge space that can accommodate a big number of audience and activities.

We offer a wide range of in studio photography workshops from beginner levels ranging to advanced levels. In the case
that a workshop of lecture is missed by a member of Garage Studio, it can be streamed online (you know what they say, no man left behind).


Great discounts apply on many of the above services for the members, join Garage Studio family  and gain many benefits.