Garage Studio

About Us

I Came, I Saw, I Captured


Many of the World’s most successful companies including Nike and Amazon were originally established in their founder’s garage; converted into a make shift workspace. Unfortunately here in the UAE, garages are few and far between with limited access to creative spaces. Thanks to our belief that limited space should not equate to limited opportunities, we chose to name our studio The Garage, in the hope to inspire and cultivate entrepreneurs and creative to start the next big thing.

Jordanian born Shadi Alrefai is the man behind the lens and the founder of the studio. Passionate about photography from a young age, the master of photography evolved his love of the art into a fully fledged career. Growing up, he developed a fascination watching his father use a camera, and as he grew, he delved further into his passion, taking on a part-time job in a camera store, developing his talent further as he went.

Today, an award winning full time photographer, who has been featured in a number of global publications, including Emirates Woman. Shadi remains committed to his art. As one of the most prestigious photographers in the region, his work is widely recognized. He also has a catalog of worldwide teaching experience in esteemed educational institutions and is a brand ambassador for a highly successful global camera company.

Garage Studio is his latest venture and his way of giving opportunities to creative who lack access.

Our Mission

Provide outstanding services to the experts & beginners in the creative field

Our Vision

Build a creative hub and uphold the flag of art and professionalism


Gather the quality, customer service and high-tech in one frame